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Somewhere Along The Way

Manilyn Reynes

   Intro: A-D-E-A-

  A           A/G    D/F#                E
   I see the light glowing from the distance
      A               A/G        D/F#         B
   Out in the dark to light my way cause I'm away
  A    A/G                    D/F#       E    
   And I found through who gave me a direction
  F#m             B        E
   How to live a life for good

  A                     E
   Somewhere along the way
             C#m       C#7     F#m
   There's someone I will be meeting
  D                    Bm
   Somewhere along the way
         B7                   E  
   Is someone who patiently wait

   Interlude: F#m-B-E-E7

  A        A/G         D/F#           Bb/F,E
   So this late, that's growing is relating
  A                 A/G        D/F#     B
   Guiding light to keep me well and living
  A   A/G                    D/F#       E    Fdim,
   How, how can I know with no one to hold on
  F#m   B             E
   I'm heading to a haven

   (Repeat Chorus)

  D         E/D           D              E  E,Fdim,
   Oh I believe that somewhere along the way
  F#m            F#m7          B                E
   I'll find somebody who'll give the light for me
          F#m                B
   And passing through this way
                D      E      A  F#7
   There's a happy ending to come

   (Repeat Chorus 2x moving chords 1 step <B> higher)

  B                     E
   (Somewhere along the way) I know
  B                      E
   (Somewhere along the way)
   Someone's waiting for me
   (Somewhere along the way)
           F#             B
   On the road I'm travelling
   (Somewhere along the way)
                  Em   F#     B
   Someone who'll patiently wait