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Take Me There

Miguel Escueta

   Intro: A-E-A-E-

  A                       E
   I knew this rope would be about miles long
  A                        E
   I know this chance could be far gone
   Running in a blitz
   I can't see what's in front of me
  D            Bm            A   E
   But this uncertainty's enough

  A                      E
   As the stars give me the breeze of possibility
  A                             E
   The scent of your perfume intoxicates
   There's nothing more intriguing
   Than clouds of the unknown
  D             Bm             A
   But we won't know unless we go

  E            B          F#m              C#m
   Bring me to a place where no one's been
  E          B
   And maybe my world 
            F#m              C#m
   Could take its flight once again
  E            B           F#m             C#m
   Could you be the one who sets me free from here
   Would you tell me now
              B             F#m        C#m
   Could you be the one to take me there

   Interlude: A-E-

  A                      E
   I'm risking all the sunshine to see this through
  A                           E
   What's at stake here overwhelms me
   Why can't we climb
   And see what's on the other side
  D        Bm              A
   It just might be good enough

   (Repeat Chorus)
   Adlib: B-A-B-A-

   Sometimes we crawl and can't explain
  A                                 F#m
   Sometimes we know it won't be the same
   Can't loosen the grip
     A           B
   Not just yet, not just yet

   Adlib: D-Bm-G-; (2x)

   (Repeat Chorus)

  E           B             F#m        C#m-A-E hold
   Could you be the one to take me there