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Say You'll Never Go


   Intro: C9--C/E-F#m7,Bm7,

  C9                             C/E     F9
   How can I make it through the day without you
   F/G                     F/A
   You have been so much a part of me
               F                           G7sus-
   (And if you go) I'll never know what to do

  C9                     C/E       F9
   How can I carry on my way the memories
         F/G                   F/A          C/E  F
   When all that is left is a pain of our history
   Why should I live my life today?

  D/Gb                      G/B
   I cannot live out on my own
  C/Bb                          F/A
   Just forget the love you've always shown
   (And/Or) accept the fate of my condition
      C/G            D/Gb
   Please don't ever go
   F         G7sus        G7    C pause
   For I cannot live my life alone

    C          C/E   F
   Say you'll never go
    C          Am    D/Gb  Am  G
   Say you'll never go out my way
   C/E              F
   Say you'll never go
   For we can still go on
   And make it through (make it through our life)
   Just say you'll never go
    F      C/E      Dm G7, C pause
   Say you'll never go a-way

  C9                             C/E     F9
   How can I make my dreams come true without you
   F/G                     F/A
   You are the one who gave love to me
             F                           G7sus-
   (And don't you know) You are my fantasy

   (Repeat II and Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

   Dm           CE  F  G7-(adlib)   
   Say you'll never go away

   Adlib: Eb/Bb-F/A-Bb-Bb/Ab-Ab--
          Bb/Ab-Eb/G-F/A-G/B,G break

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

        G7, F
    ... away
    F          C/E   Dm G7,
   (Say you'll never go away)
    F         C/E   Dm G7,C
   Say you'll never go away

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