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Moving Closer

Never The Strangers

   Intro: G-C-Em-C-; (2x)

    G         C         Em          C
   When you smile everything's in place
       G        C           Em        C
   I waited so long can't make no mistakes
    G     C         Em       C
   All I am reaching out to you
    G         C          Em      C
   Can't be scared gonna make a move

   While we were young
   Come away with me
     D                         C
   Keep me close and don't let go

     G       C         Em       D
   Inch by inch we're moving closer
       G             C    Em   D,C,
   It feels like a fairy tale ending
     G        C       Em      D
   Take my heart this is the moment
    G          C        Em  D
   I'm moving closer to you
    C          D         G-C-Em-C-
   I'm moving closer to you

    G               C            Em          C
   Who would have thought that I breath the air
       G       C       Em         C
   Spending around your my atmosphere
      D                     C
   I hold my breath falling into you
      D                        C
   Break my fall and don't let go

   (Repeat Chorus except line)

   (Repeat Chorus except line)

  C   D   Bm  Em
   Moving closer 
  C   D       Bm-Em-
   Closer to you
  C   D   Bm  Em,C break
   Moving closer
               D         G-C-Em-C-G
   I'm moving closer to you

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