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Glowing Inside

Nikki Gil

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (A#)

   Intro: A-

    A               Bm/A
   Happy to let you know
   You make me glow
             Bm/A        E
   I feel so good, it's true
    A                  Bm/A
   So glad that I have you
   You love me so
   Now all is bright, I'll always...

     C        Dm
   Thank you for the glow
         Em       F
   And thank you for the joy
    C         D7               Dm      G
   Thank you for the love you gave to me
         C        Dm
   I'm glowing, glowing inside
         Em         F
   With your love shining through
    C             F             Em-A7
   Thank you for everything you do
                   Dm     G       C  E
   I'm glowing inside because of you

      A                 Bm
   Remember my growing years
   They're filled with joy
   Because you're there for me
    A                  Bm
   You cast my fears away
   You wiped those tears
   You gave me strength each day, I'd...

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

            ... you

  F           G/F             Em-Am
   Who knows what tomorrow brings
                 Dm7-G             C-C7
   My glowing wings  will make me fly
      F         G/F            Em-Am
   I reach and now I touch the sky
                Dm        D       G
   Because of you I'll soar up high
   So I must...

  (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <C#> higher,
   except last word)

            ... you

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