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Gotta Go On My Own Way

Nikki Gil

   Intro: A-D-A-E-; (2x)

  A       D                  E   A
   I gotta say what's on my mind
  A                D
   Something about us 
       A          E
   Doesn't seem right these days
  A          D               A    E
   Life keeps getting in the way
  A                 D
   Whenever we try somehow
              A            E
   The plan is always rearranged
  D                F#m
   It's so hard to say
               E          A
   But I gotta do what's best for me
  D           E
   You'll be okay

     F#m         D                E
   I've got to move on and be who I am
     F#m          D
   I just don't belong here
      E              F#m
   I hope you understand
   D                  F#m          E      A
   We might find a place in this world someday
    Bm            F#m
   But at least for now
  D                   A-D-A-E
   I gotta go my own way

  A           D               A    E
   Don't wanna leave it all behind
  A              D
   But I get my hopes up
           A            E       A
   And I watch them fall everytime
  A        D               A     E
   Another color turns to grey
       A                      D
   And it's just too hard to watch it
         A       E
   All slowly fade away
  D             F#m
   I'm leaving today
           E               A
   'Cause I gotta do what's best for me
  D           E
   You'll be okay

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

          ... way

   What about us
    F#m         D                    A
   What about everything we've been through
   What about trust
     F#m        D               A
   You know I never wanted to hurt you
   What about me
    F#m     D         Bm             
   What am I supposed to do
                         E        A-D-A-E-
   I gotta leave but I'll miss you

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

         ... way

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

         ... way
      E               A-D-A-
   I gotta go my own way
      E               A-D-A-E-
   I gotta go my own way

   Coda: A-D-A-E-; (Repeat to fade)