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Somewhere Down The Road


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (Gb)

   Intro: G-G7-C-

  G            G/B               C
   We had the right love at the wrong time
     Am             Am+M7
   Guess I always knew inside
    Am7        D7            Gsus  G
   I wouldn't have you for a long time
            C            Cm
   Those dreams of yours
                   Bm7           Em
   Are shining on distant shores
                    Am        Bm
   And if they're calling you away
               C                 D
   I have no right to make you stay

         G               GM7
   But somewhere down the road
         C               G/B
   Our roads are gonna cross again
      Am7      Bm       C    D
   It doesn't really matter when
         G               GM7
   But somewhere down the road
      C                  G/B        C       D
   I know that heart of yours will come to see
        Am  G/B  D       G-G7-C-D-
   That you belong with me

  G               G/B           C
   Sometimes goodbyes are not forever
       Am           Am+M7
   It doesn't matter if you're gone
   Am7         D7         Gsus   G
   I still believe in us together
          C    Cm            Bm           Em
   I understand more than you think I can
                Am7      G/B
   You have to go out on your own
                C                 D
   So you can find your way back home

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

             ... me
  Eb-F/A   G
   Letting go
              Am7    G/B
   Is just another way to say
        Cm-Bb/D G#  Bb   Am7-D
   I'll always love you so

  G              GM7              C
   We had the right love at the wrong time
               Am7        G/B
   Maybe we've only just begun
              C              D
   Maybe the best is yet to come

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

                G-C-D    G
           ... me,  with me  

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