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You're My You

Nyoy Volante

   Intro: F-Em-Dm-G-

          F            Em
   Every Romeo has a Juliet
    Gm7              C           F
   Wishful thinkers have their stars
    F                 E
   Hopeless romantics each have a love song
    Am                D
   Played on their guitars

        F          Em     Am
   But you, you're everything
         Dm                  G      C
   This foolish heart could ever define
   Every wish, every dream
          Em          Am
   Every prayer come true
   Dm                   Dm/C       G-G/F#
   I feel so blessed to call you mine

              F         Em
   You're my you, even more
           Dm  G        C   C7
   No one else   I'll adore
              F          Em-Am
   You're my you, in my mind
          Dm        E
   Simply one of a kind
   You're the one who never fails 
   To brighten my day
        Am               D7
   My princess in every fairytale
               Dm          Em
   You're my mornin' till night
            F         G
   Such a beautiful sight
   You're my you

         F          Em
   Your eyes, your lips
       Gm7        C         F
   The touch of your fingertips
     F                      E
   Promise me you'll never take them away
          Am             D
   For as long as I exist

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... you

   Adlib: F-Em-Am-;

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)
               F           Em
   You're the heat of the fire 
         Gm             C   
   In a cold winter's night
              F          Em 
   You're a raindrop in June
               Dm               G
   You're the sun, you're the moon
   You're my you