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You're My Home

Odette Quesada

   Intro: F-C/E-Dm-F/C
          Bb-Am-Gm-C#M7-C pause

      F   C/E  Dm-F/C
   I close my eyes
            Bb    Am               Gm         C
   And I can feel   that you're a part of me
       F  C/E  Dm-F/C
   You are my home
               Bb-Am              Gm     C
   Though I'm afar   I'm in your company
   I'm in you

  F        C/E  Dm-F/C
   I played my song
          Bb     Am             Gm     C
   And I can hear  you're in my melody
        F  C/E   Dm-F/C
   My life, my home 
   No matter what 
        Am         Gm   C
   With you I'll always be

   You're my home
  C       Cm7        F7                 Bb
   And together we shared this land for us
           Am       Gm-C
   To be happy and free
   You're my home
  C       Cm7           F7
   And together we'll strive 
                 Bb        Am           Gm-C
   To make this world a better place to be

   Interlude: F-C/E-Dm-F/C

  F         C/E  Dm-F/C
   Come take my hand
               Bb       Am
   Come feel your heart
                Gm           C
   With all the love you see
        F-C/E  Dm-F/C
   Let every child
                Bb  Am            Gm    C
   Be what they are, be what they wanna be

   (Repeat Chorus)

        C7      F-C/E-Dm-F/C-Bb-Am,Gm-C-D hold
    For you and me