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World We Live In


   Intro: C-Bm7-Am7-G-; (4x)

  Em7      D   C    D        Em7-D-C-D-
   Shadows play across my window
  Em7    D       C    D      Em7-D-C-D-
   Voices whisper behind the wall
     Em7       D    C    D   Em7   D-C-D-
   I look, I listen, but I see no one
  Em7      D       C  D       Em7-D-C-D-
   Oh it seems like I'm in a dream

           C-Bm7-Am7             G
   And I know     deep down, I really know
   C            Bm7         Am7          G
   This world we live in is starting to change
            C-Bm7-Am7         G
   And we will    never waste the chances we take
  C           Bm7            Am7
   We play it right, what we have
          G             C
   Will never ever break

   Interlude: C-Bm7-Am7-G-; (2x)
  Em7      D   C         D        
   A phrase, sweet single words
  Em7      D                C            D        
   All my days, it's gonna see me through
  Em7      D          C       D        
   Little hands and little feet
  Em7 D                C          D        
   Oh no, life ain't a one-way street

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: C-Bm7-Am7-G-; (4x)

      Am7                  Bm7
   Oh, I recall the way it used to be
  Am7                   Bm7
   Spent my day living recklessly
       Am7            Bm7
   But oh, the day it came to be
            Am7,Bm7  D pause
   I can finally see

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   Coda: C-Bm7-Am7-G-; (10x, fade)