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Love Of My Life

Rachelle Ann Go

   Intro: C#-C--; (2x)

  F               Am           G#m7 Gm
   Oh, love of my life destined forever
            C#         C          F
   I will be right here by your side
                Am            G#m7 Gm
   No falling tears when we're together
               C#          C     
   You know the joy you bring to me

  Am               Dm
   There'll be no other
   We'll share as lovers
   Right from the heart
   From my mind to your soul

   I will give it to you girl
   My every little thing
   That I am more than willing
    C             Am
   I will give to you

      D                          Gm
   Forever starts from now I promise you
     Am          Bb            C
   Loving you is all that I can do
    D                  Gm      Am
   No one can take it away from me
      Bb    (interlude)
   Nobody but you

   Interlude: C#-C--; (2x)

  F             Am             G#m7 Gm
   Now is the time, stars will be right
                C#            C            F
   Our bodies will groove all through the night
                  Am            G#m7  Gm
   Come take my hand, then we'll fly high
              C#         C
   Come on baby, hear me say

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

               Am              Gm
   There be no time for sad goodbyes
                 Dm            C
   Without you here, I can't get by
    C#       C    Am
   Don't you go away

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

      Bb    (coda)
   Nobody but you

   Coda: C#-C--; (6x, fade)