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So It's You

Raymond Lauchengco

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (Intro=G#)

   Intro: G-A/G-F#m-Bm-

        D       F#7               Bm        D
   We smiled and that's how it all started
            F#m           Bm
   And you came right in time
    Em              A
   When I needed someone
           F#m    Bm
   And we said hello
     Em          A               F#m-Bm-Em-(A7)
   Suddenly my heart was beating fast

  A7       D                DM7           G
   So it's you, I've been waiting for so long
           Bm               D        Am-D7
   So it's you, where were you all along
   G               A/G                F#m          Bm
   Very special moments, these will always be with me
          Em            A         D
   We are here, you and I, we belong

   Interlude: D-DM7-G-A-B-

          D   F#7               Bm       D
   We touched and we felt more beautiful
             F#m          Bm
   And two hands reachin' out
     Em                   A
   Filled with so much longing
           F#m      Bm
   It felt good inside
     Em            A           F#m-Bm-Em-(A7)
   There is no denying I'm in love

   (Repeat Chorus)

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step >Bb7< higher,
    except last word)

                    Eb   C7
             ... belong

          Fm            Bb pause     (Coda)
   We are here, you and I,    we belong 

   Coda: Eb-EbM7-Ab-Bb7-
         Fm-Bb-Eb hold