opmtunes - filipino music lyrics with guitar chords


Ric Segreto

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (D#)

   Intro: D-Em,G,D-A-D-

  D                 A/C#                 Bm
   Who would have thought we'd feel this way
               Am      D7       G
   Finding a million things to say
                F#m             Em-A7
   Knowing our dream is coming true
         D                     A/C#       Bm
   So, girl come here and lay down by my side
                Am         D7        G
   Give me the love that's in your eyes
               F#m          Em
   It will be good just holding on tight
   And share in the night

        G             A/G                F#m
   So stay and we'll explore each other, stay
                 B7             Em
   And see what we'll discover, hey
               A7                        D  Am7,D7,
   There's so much of you that I don't know, (I don't know)
         G                A/G          F#m
   And though, it may not last forever, oh
                B7            Em
   It feels so right together, no
       A7               D-G-D-G-
   We just can't let it go

  D               A/C#             Bm
   Now that I'm listening to your side
                 Am   D7        G
   Seeing the laughter in your eyes
             F#m             Em-A7
   Even the warmth of loving you
    D                A/C#               Bm
   Here, here in your arms, at last I'm home
              Am     D7    G
   Lost in a glow I never know
   Now that I found you
   Just don't let it end
   I wanna love you again

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

            ... go

         G             A/G         D  Am7,D7
   I've had enough of being on my own
          G           A/G        D  Am7,D7
   The emptiness of waking up alone
                   G                  A/G
   But when the morning finds we're lying here
       F#7            Bm
   We smile and say hello
  Em pause            Bb      Bb7
   Don't ask why, it's you and I

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <G#> higher,
    except last word)
           ... go
  Bb pause                  G#-Eb/G-Fm7-Bb7-D#
   No, we just can't let it go