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241 (My Favorite Song)


   Intro: E--

  E           A/F#
   I want to live forever
  E                        B
   Inside your nights and days
  A         Am        E
   Wish upon a silver cloud
  A        Am
   Crawlin' 'cross the moonbeams
  E                A/F#
   A summer night in heaven
  E                      B
   Between the stars and waves
  A             Am     E
   Gaze across the old bonfire
      A        Am    
   Trample on my heartbeat

  C#m-A-E     B        C#m-A
   I wanted to turn you on
  E  B           C#m-A
   My favorite song
  E          B
   Wanted to be near you
        A       Am         E-
   But somebody owns you now

   Interlude: A-Am

  E               A/F#
   I love you with a fire
  E                    B
   A blaze until time's end
  A        Am
   But what good is a heart
    E                  A
   When it shudders to speak
   I guess it's too late now

   (Repeat Chorus)

  A      Am          E
   I'll try to leave somehow
     A     Am         E-A-Am-
   Somebody owns you now

   (Repeat Chorus)

        A         Am       E
   And I'll try to leave somehow
      A      Am      E
   Somebody owns you now
      A      Am      E
   Somebody owns you now

   Coda: A-Am-E-; (4x)

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