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A Love To Share


   Intro: E-C#m-B-; (2x)

                  E    C#m
   If I could take over
   This world that we're in
                  E           C#m       B
   I wanna reach out to every human being
                   E      C#m
   I'd take all the sorrows
   From every goodbye

   I'll shed all the tears 
             C#m            B
   So no one ever needs to cry but

  E            C#m     B
   Nobody cares for me
  E           C#m       B
   Nobody here needs me
  E              C#m   B     G#m
   A love to share but  nobody dares
 C#m           F#      B
   Nobody cares for me

                  E        C#m
   I'll summon the oceans
   To drown every pain
                     E                 C#m              
   I wanna be shelter to the countless in shame
                E       C#m
   Erase every conflict
   From every divide

   I wanna give every bit of me 
  C#m         B
   Until i die singin’

   (Repeat Chorus)

   (Repeat Intro 2x)

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