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Even If

Sam Concepcion

   Intro: Bb-F/A-Gm-F-

              Chorus 1
               Bb              F/A
   Even if the sun refused to shine
                Gm                 F
   Even if we lived in different times
                 Eb            Bb/D
   Even if the oceans left the sea
                        Cm         F-
   There would still be you and me

  Bb               F/A
   Ever since the start of time
  Gm             Eb
   You've had my love
  Bb             F/A
   Even before I knew your name
  Gm            Eb
   I knew your heart
  Gm                        Gm+M7
   In the dark of the darkest night
      Gm7      Gm6
   I can see your face
  Cm                       Bb/D
   I always knew from the very start
  Cm               F
   I would find a way

   (Repeat Chorus 1)

               Chorus 2
                Bb              F/A
   Even if the world would disappear
                Gm                   F
   Even if the clouds would shed no tears
             Eb               Bb/D
   Even if tonight was just a dream
                        Cm         F
   There would still be you and me

   You've always been there
   And you always will be
  Gm        Eb
   The only one
  Bb                F/A
   Until forever you hold me, girl
  Gm          Eb
   I'll never know
  Gm                   Gm+M7
   In the cold of a winter's chill
          Gm7         Gm6
   I'll be there tomorrow
   Oh girl, and here you are 
   With me for all time
  Eb           F
   No matter what

   (Repeat Chorus 1)

   (Repeat Chorus 2)

   Two hearts that belong together
   From the very start
  Bb   F/A   Gm
   One love, now and forever
  Eb                    F
   Nothing can tear us apart

   (Repeat Chorus 1)

   (Repeat Chorus 2)

   (Repeat Chorus 1 except last word)

              F-Bb hold
       ... me

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