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Session Road

   Intro: C-Am-F-E-

   As you turn away from me
   I'm secretly hoping
  F          E
   That you'd come around
   And break the spell on me
  C                    Am
   It seems like it's fading
                   F           E
   The fire between us has died down
   And now you left me questioning

  C        E            F
   And I feel so lonely inside, oh
   With the pieces of the loving ways
       C           E             
   We cried, and I feel so empty 
    F                   Fm    
   Now you've gone and took away my pride

  C                            Am
   Why can't you reach out for me
   You're pulling me under
   Where the darkness blinds
   The world right out of me
   I feel like I'm trembling
   My knees are shaking
  F          E
   'Cause I know there's something

   You're not telling me

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: Am-G-Am-G-F-E-; (2x) C

   (Repeat Chorus)

  C            E       F-Fm
   I feel so lonely, ohh...
  C            E      F-Fm
   I feel so empty, ohh...
  C        E            F-Fm hold
   You're gone and I cried

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