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I'll Be Home For Christmas

Side A

   Intro: D-Em-G-A-
          D-Em-G-Em pause

  D       D#dim7      Em      A
   I'll be home for christmas
  D        D#dim7   Em-A
   You can count on me
     Em         A       D,A/C#,Bm
   Please have snow and mistletoe
         E               A
   And presents on the tree

  D          D#dim7     Em   A
   Christmas eve will find me
  D/F#        B7          Em-Em7
   Where the love light gleams
  G         Gm      F#m    B7
   I'll be home for christmas
      Em   A        Bb-C/Bb
   If only in my dreams

  Eb        Edim7      Bb
   I'll be dreamin' tonight
      Eb    Edim7     Fm
   All the place I'd like
     Bb               Eb,Bb/D,Cm
   With every glow of candlelight
         F          Bb-Bb7
   And every star above

  Eb       Edim    Fm-Bb
   And the hope I know
  Eb/G     C7       Fm-Fm7
   Fly and fly from you
   G#      G#m      Gm   C7
   I'll be home for christmas
      Fm   Bb      Gm           C
   If only in, if only in my dreams
  F      Bb         Eb-Cm-G#-Eb/G-Fm-Bb-Eb
   If only in my dreams

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