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Side A

   Intro: G-Am-Bm-C-; (2x)

   How could you come with me
       GM7                    Dm7           E
   When you knew all along that you had to go
         Am                  G  
   How could you watch me sleep 
                         F               D
   So close to you pretending not to know
        G                    D   
   How could you memorize my name
        F          E7
   And forget who I am 
   How could you think
                     G       F        D
   You're still the same believing I can 
               Chorus 1
        G                    Am   
   It's too late to start pretending 
        Bm                    C
   It's too late for a new beginning 
                    Em      Am   G       F-D
   Later than the sunset, later than the rain
               G       Am   D    G
   Later than ever to love you again
   How could you ask for more 
             BbM7           F            G 
   Than an innocent smile trusting me to stay
   How could you close the door
         Bb              Ab          F
   And leave me here supposing Iím okay
         Bb                       F    
   How could you break down my disguise
         Ab        G
   And uncover my fears
         Cm                    Bb     Ab         F
   How could you look into my eyes ignoring my tears
               Chorus 2
        Bb                   Cm
   Itís too late to start pretending 
           Dm                 Eb
   Itís too late for a new beginning 
                    Gm     Cm             Ab-F   
   Later than the sunset, later than the rain
               Gm       Cm   F    Bb
   Later than never to love you again 
   Adlib: Bb-Cm-Dm-Eb-
   (Repeat Chorus 2 except last word)
          ... again

       Dm      Eb     Gm-F-Eb-Dm
   Yeah...  yeah... ohh
  F pause      Bb
   Itís too late

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