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You And I

Side A

   Intro: A-D/A-E/A-A-

    A             D/F#
   What are you saying
          E/G#        A
   Am I hearing you right
                        D       E
   You tell me you're leaving again
        E/G#             A
   I shouldn't put up a fight
                       D     E
   But I've seen this all before
        C#7          F#m
   You head for the door
   You turn around and change your mind
   It happens all the time

               A       D/F#
   What are you doing
            E/G#             A
   Don't you think I've had enough
                           D         E  
   You know that I'm right here with you
        E/G#       A
   I'm never giving up
                    D   E
   Wish you would realize
        C#7            F#m
   When you look in my eyes
   I want us to make it through
   I really do

    A       D/A      E/A      A
   You and I, we've said goodbye
       A        D/A   E/A            A
   (But) Here we are, we've come so far
    A     G/A       D     Dm
   You and I, time after time
   There's just you and I

   Interlude: A-D/A-E/A-A-
  A               D/F#
   Where are we going
          E/G#            A
   Do you get to know the way
            D       E
   I wanna know for sure
      E/G#            A
   I want to hear you say
              D       E       C#7       F#m
   Whatever road we take or choices we make
               Bm        E
   We'll be together, forever

   (Repeat Chorus)

   You and I
               C#m7                 Em7-A7
   We've had a lot of tough times, baby
   We've hurt and cried
        C#m7              Em7-A7
   But that's the way of love
       DM7             Dm
   But still we care enough to stay

   (Repeat Chorus 3x, fade)