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Groove Me

South Border

   Intro: Bm7-F#m7-Bm7-E-
          G7-F#m7-G7-F# pause

  Bm7                 B7sus
   Keep on thinkin' 'bout you
  Bm7                  B7sus
   You're always on my mind
  Bm7                     B7sus
   Can't explain what I'm feelin'
  Bm7                    B7sus     A      
   You got my heart and soul on the line

  G7               F#m7
   Feel, feel the love

   That's waiting for you
  G7              F#m7
   Flow, let it flow

   Right there in your heart
  G7                F#m7
   Kiss, kiss me gently
   And tell me you're for me
   And I'm for you

    GM7              B7sus
   Groove me baby, groove me right
    GM7                     B7sus    
   I wanna be with you all through the night
     GM7             B7sus
   (Love/Do) me baby, hold me tight
   I wanna be your lover
            F#m7   break         (Bm7)
   For the rest of, rest of my life

   Interlude: Bm7-B7sus-Bm7-B7sus

  Bm7                 B7sus
   You really got me crazy
  Bm7                  B7sus
   You're all I'm livin' for
  Bm7                       B7sus
   Can't stand without you near me
  Bm7                 B7sus     A         
   Wanna be with you till the break of dawn

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: Bm7-B7sus; (3x)

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   Coda: GM7-B7sus-GM7-B7sus (3x, fade)