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Tito Mina

   Intro: D-Bm-G-A7
          D-Bm-GM7-A pause

  D      Bm  G              A7       
   Honey, what else can I do?
  D                   Bm
   If I can't tell you how I feel
  G              F#7
   Let me sing to you
  Bm                  Bm7
   About the special way I get
     Bm6            G6
   Whenever you're around
            Em            Em7/D   A/Db-A
   It may be strange, but it's true.

  D       Bm         GM7         A
   Honey, there are other girls I know
       D              GM7          F#7
   But honey, can you tell why it's you
            Bm                Bm7
   And only you that makes me feel this way
    Bm6                   G6
   I just don't know how I would make it
       Em  Em7/D         A/Db-A.F#/Bb
   This through without you
  Bm          Cm7                     Bm6
   But if your heart can't feel the same way,
  G6             A           D-F#
   The way I'm feeling about you
  Bm            Bm7                Bm6
   Although it's hard, I'll go on my way
   For I don't want you to be blue.

  D      Bm-GM7       A7sus-A7
   Honey, if you only knew
  D                Bm
   How much better I feel now
  GM7               F#7
   That I've let you know
  Bm               Bm7
   I hope I didn't bring you down
      Bm6             G6               Em-Em7/D
   But then again this song is just for you
        A/Db       A
   Only you, only you.

   Adlib: (Do Intro Chords)
          Only you, yeah, ohhh...

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat III except last line)

             A/Dd-A pause
      Only you.

   Coda: (Intro Chords) B
             Oh, honey