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Running Away

Tunay Na Amo

   Intro: C--G/B--F/A--G--

   C           G/B                  G/B
   I just sit up all alone in the park
                  Am  Am7
      for so many hours
  Dm      Dm/C
   Thinkin' all about the precious
      Am                    G
      moments that we have shared
  C          G/B           
   I thought back then that you and
      I were meant to be
       BbM7         F/A
   It's funny girl, how I believed
               G7sus             G7
      that you really, really care

       C           G/B                        Am
   You said that I will always be the one for you
       Dm        Dm/C                   Am          G
   But tell me babe, who's that guy you kissed last night
  C          G/B                  Am
   You knew how much I really loved you
  Bb7             F/A                      G7sus    G7
   Seems you just can't keep your love from dying tonight

                  C#m7     F#m7
   (I'm) Running away from the places
       C#m7                F#m7
   And things that make me think of you
         Bm7                  C#m7
   But I guess there's just no letting go
            DM7             E
   Of this feeling I ache inside
  D        C#m7       F#m7
   Running away, I've been trying
     C#m7           F#m7
   So hard to keep away from you
          Bm7            C#m7          DM7
   Now forgetting you is all I have to do
                   E7sus             F   G-F,G,
   That's why I'm runnin' away from you, oh

        C              G/B
   The time that we've been through
                      Am  Am7
   Were always on my mind
  Dm       Dm/C                 Am       G
   I never thought that there will be an end
  C       G/B                         Am
   Oh how I wish that this was all a dream
  BbM7        F/A               G7sus  G7
   It did hurt in me inside all over again

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           F   G/B
      ... you, oh

        Cm7            F
   After all I gave to you
      Bbm7             G#M7
   Your love is still untrue
              Bbm7       Cm7,C#m7
   Now there's nothin' I can do
         Cm7  (C#m7)
   But to run away

   Adlib: C#m7-F#m7-; (2x)
          C#m7-F#m7-; (2x)

   (Repeat Chorus except last 3 words)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

             (chorus chords, fade)
        ... you ....oh