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My Love

Vernie Varga

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher, A#m

   Intro: Am-Em-Am-Em-

   C        Bm7              E7sus-E7
   Baby, our day is getting very near
  Am            Gm7                 C7
   My love, it feels you're almost here with me
          F                                  A7sus-A7
   Right now my love, you're all I'm dreaming of
  F                   A7sus-A7-
   I run for you, my love

   C            Bm7              E7sus-E7
   Baby, you must listen carefully
  Am       Gm7                   C7
   My love, you mean the world to me
              F                          A7sus-A7
   I love you so, you're all I'm dreaming of
  F                     A7sus-A7 
   You'll always be my love

  F                               Em7
   Oh my love, you will make your way
   Live your perfect day, my love
                         C  C7
   The way it's meant to be
  F                         Em7
   Oh my love, run into the sun
   Shine on everyone, my love
                   C,Bm7,Am,G,F pause G,
   But do remember me

   Interlude: Am-Em-Am-Em-pause

   C       Bm7               E7sus-E7
   Baby, I feel like I could cry
  Am       Gm7                   C7               F
   My love, it feels so good to have you deep inside
   You're all I'm dreaming of
  F                       A7sus-A7
   You're part of me, my love

  F                           Em7
   Oh my love, can you understand
   The future's in your hand, my love
                    C  C7-
   What more can I say
  F                            Em7
   Oh my love, look me in the eye
   Hold your head up high, my love
   Eventually you'll see

   (Repeat Chorus1)

   Coda: Am-Em-Am-Em-Am

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