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Pain In My Heart


   Intro: A-D-E-;

  A        D        E             A
   Here I am alone in this empty room
        F#m             B              Esus,E
   And let my mind just fly you to the end
  A             D               E        A
   Thoughts of you still linger in my memory
    D                B                Esus-E
   Wond'ring why my life is not that fair
   C#              F#m
   I could still recall
        C#           F#m
   Those memories of you
       B                  E
   The joy and all your laughter
       B                      Esus-E-
   The love that we've been through
         A            D        Esus-E
   Oh, I can't believe you're gone

           C#m7      F#m7
   I don't want to remember
        Bm7              E
   The things we used to do
            C#m7         D          Esus-E
   All the things that remind me of you
            A        G
   I don't want to hear those songs
         D               Bdim
   The songs we used to sing
   'Cause I don't wanna feel
        E            A-D-E-
   The pain in my heart

  A        D              E              A
   Talkin' to myself for reasons I could find
    F#m7             B              Esus-E
   Findin' out why everything went wrong
  A         D
   Tears falling down my cheeks
        E                   A
   That I've been trying to hold
      D                B               Esus-E
   It doesn't know if I could still go on
     C#             F#m7
   I wanted you to stay
        C#             F#m7
   The tears begin to show
       B                 E
   You said you cared for me
       B               Esus
   But then you had to go
   E    A     D           Esus-E  
   And now I know you're gone

   (Repeat Refrain except last word)

           ... heart

    Adlib: C#-F#m7-C#-F#m7-

          A            D         Esus-E
   I just can't believe you're gone

   (Repeat Refrain except last word)

           ... heart

   (Repeat Refrain except last line)

         E   C#7    F#m7   B
    The pain in my heart, oh

   'Cause I don't wanna feel
   Yeah, I don't wanna feel
                   A     D-Bdim-E-A
   The pain in my heart, oh...